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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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commute? topper is tracking it with first alert doppler. >> we're in a little lull right now. we had heavier activity roll through this afternoon and this evening that is now across the bay. winchester southward down toward i-81 there are still showers. the good news is nothing is heading our way and nothing severe. on first alert doppler we have yellows and orangessen and even a little red -- oranges and yellow and even a little red. 7:00 tonight most of the showers heavy activity is south and it stays south in charlottesville and i agree with that, temps in the 70s. by 9:00 some showers develop by culpeper, almost to winchester. notice they're all green, so nothing crazy heavy. by 10:00 we're in the 60s already, manassas, 68 leesburg, still showers manassas south i- 66 down 95 toward fredericksburg and by 11:00
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still a few leftover showers into southern maryland but again nothing crazy heavy. we'll come back. we're not done with the showers just yet. we'll tell you what that means to our weekend forecast. a new national poll from cnn shows donald trump leading among republican voters with 32% support well ahead of dr. ben carson at 19% and jeb bush in third with 9%. >> trump got to the top because voters say he speaks his mind and while that can be a positive craig boswell shows us why it can also have some drawbacks. >> thank you. >> reporter: donald truffle's latest comments have opened the -- trump's latest comments have opened the door for his rivals to go on attack when he seemed to suggest that carly fiorina isn't pretty enough to be the face of the next president. the gop front runner said that's not what he meant. >> i'm talking about persona. i'm not talking about look. >> i think us ridiculous for donald trump to be attacking anybody's appearances especially when it looks like he's got a squirrel parked on
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his head. >> reporter: republican candidate bobby jindal said trump is entertaining, but it's time for voters to get serious. >> he's an eco maniac who only believes in himself. >> reporter: dr. carson said he thinks trump has a lack of faith. >> i realize where my success has come from and i don't in any way deny my faith god. >> reporter: on the democratic side hillary clinton's nose dive in the poll continues with bernie sanders now inching ahead in iowa. >> we have a whole lot of momentum in this campaign. >> reporter: sanders a self- described socialist is leading in new hampshire as well, but clinton said thursday she values working with people more than ideology. >> you know, i get accused of being kind of moderate and center. i plead guilty. >> reporter: vice president joe biden who had has not yet declared his candidacy has 12% support in the iowa poll. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> joe biden said he will make a decision whether or not to run for president by the end of the summer and to follow all of
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the presidential candidates, their stands in the poll and debate schedule, just go to our wusa9 news app. now to capitol hill where democrats in the senate blocked a republican effort to derail the nuclear deal with iran. republicans wanted to begin debate on a measure disapproving the deal, but did not have enough votes. over in the house john boehner vows to keep on fighting. he said republicans will even consider suing the white house to block the implementation of that iran deal. the fairfax county sheriff's department has released a video of the in custody death of natosha mckenna who was tased four times. the sheriff's emergency response team recorded the cell extraction of mckenna who suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disease. as you can see, mckenna willingly walks out of the cell. she says you promise not to kill me. i didn't do anything wrong. deputies wanted to transport her to alexandria where she faced charges. she resisted according to deputies. she's being handcuffed and
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fought back for 17 minutes they say. finally the deputies began tasing her. she went into cardiac arrest several minutes later, then died. >> my son was shot with a taser twice. it's very hard not to feel sympathetic. remember this was a confused woman who had tried to get help in our county and had been turned away by people who should have helped her and she should never have been in jail. >> the county sheriff says she wants to make sure this never happens again. she and others are pushing for a jail diversion program which would get people suffering from mental illness help instead of incarceration. a sterling home daycare is under investigation after someone who lives there is charged with sexually abusing one of the children. 52-year-old juan alejandro rodriguez faces assault charges of a girl who is younger than 13. the loudoun county sheriff's office says the victim reported to police immediately after the alleged incident occurred last
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month at that sterling townhouse on carousel court. the next day rodriguez was charged with assault and forcible sodomy. >> i thought he was a nice person and i didn't know he was going to do something like that. that's very sad that he could -- if he did it because i don't know if he did it or not. if he did it, it's very sad. >> that daycare is unlicensed. it's been a huge problem in the state and it's been operating since 2000. the loudoun county sheriff's office is concerned that there could be more victims. we could all soon become safer after today's announcement to close $80 million dedicated to getting rapists off the streets. debra alfarone joins us live from the newsroom with more on where this money will go and how it will be used. >> well, lesli, the state of virginia will be getting more than 1 million of those $80 million. the state will use that cash to
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test more than 2,000 previously untested rape kits representing more than 2,000 victims who may see some justice and that makes all of us safer. virginia's 2,000 plus kits are just a fraction, a little more than half the almost $80 million comes straight from the new york district attorney's office that will be used to test more than 56,000 kits across the country. the justice department comes through with the rest and it goes to test more than 13,000 more kits plus look into why kits often remain untested and make sure new kits are tested right away in the future. wusa9 got an inside look at testing inside bodi's cell mark forensics of lorton, virginia last year. they will do all the testing for those 56,000 plus kits. new york prosecutor cy vance, vice president joe biden, attorney general lore rhett
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lynch and margarita marguerite hargitay spoke today. -- marguerite hargitay spoke today. >> testing and the kits shows that you matter, that what happens to you matters, your case matters. >> it's estimated that tens of thousands of kits have just been sitting on shelves untested around the country, some of them until their statute of limitation in those jurisdictions ran out. lesli? >> good to know that some of those tests, many of those tests, will finally be tested. deb, thank you, and once they are tested law enforcement checks the dna profiles from those kits against a national database and if there's a match, they go and make an arrest. crowds erupted into cheers outside a baltimore courthouse today when they heard the news. the six officers charged in the freddie gray case will be tried in baltimore. the judge denied the defense request to move those trials. he said he was confident the court could seat impartial jurors. the mayor agreed.
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>> i'm confident that the judge has made the right decision. it will allow the city to focus on healing. i'm focused on healing the city as well as being prepared for the trial as it comes up. >> you will recall that freddie gray died last april after suffering a spinal cord injury while in police custody. the six officers charged in the case will face separate trials. charges range from misconduct to second degree murder. coming up a groundbreaking discovery that could change what we know about human evolution. evolution. >> but first see what
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police in suburban chicago are investigating the discovery of three bodies and other human remains inside a home. they were called to the home last night, but records show the homeowner was once fined as operating as a funeral director without a license. they are working to identify the bodies and remains that were recovered. an emotional day on capital hill as the father of slain news reporter alison parker made his first visit to washington since she and her colleague were gunned down on live television. >> andy parker was among hundreds of demonstrators calling on congress to enact tougher gun laws. allison park her called her dad -- alison parker had called her dad the coolest dad in the
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world and now he's determined to make expanded background checks part of alison's legacy. >> if i weren't doing this, she'd be really ticked off at me because she wanted the story. she wanted the story told. she was a journalist first and foremost. she packed in so much in 24 years and it was all perfect. >> parker told us that last night alison's ashes came home. her family will be scattering them on north carolina's famous nantahalia river. every day 88 people are killed by gun violence in this country by gun violence in this country and injures hund what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities
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and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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meet the new species of human ancestor discovered in south africa. >> the find could rewrite history. >> reporter: it was a treacherous journey to recover these fossils. these women were hired because they were small enough and skinny enough to slip between the narrow line of caves at the cradle of humankind just outside johannesburg. the man who directed the operation was renowned american
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pay leo -- paleo an throw anthropo -- anthropologist. >> it's got arms and legs very humanlike, something completely unexpected and we found it in incredible abundance. >> reporter: burger said he found the remains of 15 fossils, but here's what's important. he believes they were deliberately disposing of their dead in this underground chamber. although homer and -- it's not human, it appears to be something uniquely human. some believe he's been too quick to describe this as a deliberate burial site. >> i'm respectful of the material that they found and i'm respectful of the efforts they made to recover it, but
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i'm extremely skeptical about the interpretation. >> reporter: but burger is convinced his team have done more than enough to prove his theory. he argues this is science, after all, and his conclusion is merely a hypothesis, one he's sticking to until proven otherwise. >> burger who is from kansas says he is not done digging. he believes the site still holds more secrets. three day? >> no. we'll do 3-degree guarantee. >> okay. >> we're at a little lull in showers, so we can have the time to do. this i am a little worried about this. some areas of the north held in the 70s, some areas in the south held in the mid-80s. so we kind of split it primarily because it was 80 last night at 11:00, we went 80 for a high. how did we do? join us tonight at 11:00. our perfect september record is
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in jeopardy. >> don't even get a hint. >> it's 75 degrees right now. that's your hint. >> the hint is our perfect record for september is in jeopardy. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, relative humidity 70% and the wind has gone through about 4:00 and taken all the heavy activity into new jersey and southern sections of delaware. winchester south, nothing crazy heavy, but heavier downpours strasburg down through woodstock essentially moving east. they could get into warrenton about 8:09 on our storm tracker and maybe even into fairfax by 9:48. i think all the showers will be gone by about midnight of then we'll see partial clearing. that will end up with a great bus stop day, 60s, sunshine, low 60s in the burbs. a fab finish to the week and then a yellow weather alert on saturday for more showers and
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more thunderstorms. going to be fairly warm on saturday, but could affect the terps game and all the other activities you might have. so i would recommend cutting the grass tomorrow. 10:00 tonight temps in the 60s already. the cold front will do its thing and drive in cooler air, 64 in frederick by 10:00 tonight, a couple showers manassas south down toward fredericksburg down 95, all shades of green, generally light. by morning temperatures low 60s in the burbs, even 58 in martinsburg, romney, 59 in cumberland and downtown upper 60s but with sunshine. by mid morning low 70s downtown, upper 60s elsewhere and by lunchtime a perfect day to eat outside, 81 in leesburg, 79 in gaithersburg, 81 in frederick and bowie, pretty nice day. by 6:00 we're still low 80s with pretty much pure sun. it will be comfortably warm tomorrow but not humid and by tomorrow night 10:00 68 downtown, 66 in frederick.
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if you have big friday plans going to be out after midnight tomorrow, bring a sweater. temperatures will fall very quickly and eventually into the upper 50s in the burbs by saturday morning. so tonight early thunderstorms lingering showers, partial clearing late and cooler again lows in the 60s. now tomorrow beautiful in the morning, secretary of state, pleasant, 60 to 80. -- mostly sunny, pleasant, 60 to 80, get the grass cut. winds northwesterly at 10. day planner, sunshine across the board, 77 by 11:00 and 82 by 1:00. saturday yellow weather alert, a little worried about the terps game, 81 for the high and still some showers sunday, temperature about 75. that's fallish no doubt and if you're tailgating at fedex, it will be in the 60s. then it gets really nice, sunshine monday, near 80, low 80s tuesday and wednesday, mid- 80s next thursday with sunshine and nats return in town. >> thank you, top. you've never told us what
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you really think. do we have a chance against miami? >> of course, you've got a chance. >> how much of a chance? >> 3-degree -- >> no 3-degree guarantee. >> a chance. sorry, top, i didn't mean to take your mark. i guarantee you. this sunday's game is going to be determined in the trenches. scot mccloughan said his team needs to get big are and strong -- bigger and stronger. we'll find out. we'll find out. the battles keller graduate school at dof management.y's you can learn to unlock the leader inside you. so if you want to own the room, not just be in it. you're our kind of different. keller graduate school of management. learn more at
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> boy, that high -- boy that, miami dolphins
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bunch is a nasty bunch. 11.5 sacks last year. ndamukong suh comes over from detroit and he's grumpier than a pitbull with a tape worm. both will be lined up over the inexperienced side of the skins o line. good luck, guys. burgundy and gold, let's take a look at practice here, burgundy and gold getting himmerred up for the fans, not what you -- limbered up for the fans, whatnot you want to see here. look at trent williams gets his footstepped on. he's okay. the newbie's sheriff moses baptized right off the bat. >> my first start i had demarcus webb. my second start i had demario williams. the third start i had dwight freeney. i was on murder row my first year, so i know all about it. it's going to be a difficult task. we're five people. avwe he to work together.
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we definitely have faith in those guys we can get the job done. >> got to keep the faith. sunday we will air a special edition of game on previewing everything burgundy and gold before their showdown with miami. game on live every sunday morning starting at 11:30 right before nfl today with jb and the crew. all right, gang, time for some football. now that the deflategate story had the air taken out of it let's play some ball tonight. tom brady out of nfl purgatory suiting up for his 16th season after the most tumultuous offseason of his career. now the fighting belichicks or the patriots have had their share of controversy, but they always seem to respond. touchdown tommy trying to keep that alive tonight. >> i'll be out there thursday night. it's obviously been a long season months for everybody, but i think now the goal -- seven months for everybody, but i think now the goal is to focus on what we need to do to
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help our team win. for those of you watching serena continuing her pursuit of the slam, here's some advice. go to sleep tonight or watch wusa9 news at 11:00 and then go to sleep. the match is postponed due to rain and scheduled to go off after the first semifinal after 11 a.m., so get a little serena with your lunch tomorrow. she faces roberta venci who she beat last month. both ladies are over 30, nobody on earth giving venci a chance, although williams trying not to look ahead to the final. >> i'm not going to underestimate her. she played really well. she's not in the semifinals of the grand slam for no reason. so she knows what to do and what to play and again i just think it was great that i played her because i kind of know what to expect and i'll be more ready for it this . time finally you want to see something cute here, this dog sets a new world record for
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most balls caught and most hearts melted in one minute. she grabbed 14 and no truth to the rumor that those balls were deflated. >> no deflategate with that little cutie. >> not there. >> that's it for us. >> cbs evening news is next. >> see you back here at 7:00. >> bye. ♪
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>> axelrod: it's getting nasty and quite personal. trump attacks fiorina, jindal hits trump. >> he's a narcissist, he's an egomaniac. >> axelrod: and the chinese deflate the trump ego. >> reporter: do you know this guy? >> jeb bush. >> axelrod: also, fear in phoenix after another highway shooting. >> axelrod: sh and we have a new branch of our family tree. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> axelrod: good evening. scott's on assignment. i'm jim axelrod. and we begin tonight with some breaking news. on this eve of another september 11, federal officials say they


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